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Fasionable logo

The UEFA Champions League final was played in Milan – city of fashion, so… oil created a space for Heineken, being one of the main sponsors, with architecture made out of fabric. And we embroidered the Heineken logo on the bar fronts. So cool when a brand allows you to do that (and is astonished by the end result…)! More on our website soon.

Ready for the ride of your life?

Suggestion for the summer holidays, yet not for the weak-hearted: fasten your seatbelt or buy one on forehand, play it at full screen and… wish you have steel nerves! Go to Detroit to experience this awesome (or awful…) ride for real! Which is certainly more fun, because 'live' is always better.


While in Milan, we visited Fondazione Prade.  Amazing spaces built out of an old industrial building using the above materials in a unique manner. Plus gold... Amazing, a must see for art and architecture lovers. Made, no dreamed and realized by OMA / Rem Koolhaas.


Over het IJ Festival | 8,9,10 July | Amsterdam | more info

Vondelpark Openluchttheater | until September | Amsterdam | more info

48 hours Neukölln | 24 - 26 June | Berlin Neukölln | more info

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